Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement Service

100% money-back guarantee. Unlimited follow ups and escalations. Email and chat support.

A full range of Appealing Services that will help you reinstate your suspended Amazon Seller Account in no time. Extremely high success rate. Safe and reliable Reinstatement Service. Inside information about the reasons for the penalty.

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Finally, an Amazon Reinstatement Service that works…

100% handwritten appeal letters from ex-Amazon employees especially for your case. No templates. 82.7% success rate from over 2000 cases of sellers just like you. Free consultation with our agent to prepare an action plan.

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We deal with all types of suspensions.

You receive the first letter within 48 hours. Our ex-Amazon employees definitely know how to create an appeal letter that will reinstate your account from the suspensions below…

Your suspension is missing?

Contact us, describe the penalty and we will answer you as soon as possible if we can solve the case. Don’t worry. Our team has been reinstating Amazon accounts for over 4 years and we have solved all types of cases. There is a very high chance that we will be able to help you.

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Why you should choose our Amazon seller account reinstatement service?

With the help of the ex-Amazon employees on our team, we can get your account back in just a few days with a high probability of success! With our access to inside information about the real reason for the penalty, the process is a breeze…

fast reinstatement amazon service

Inside information about the real reason for your account suspension…

…so we can create an action plan and write an appeal, which works like a magic!

We have people at Amazon (don’t ask for more details) who can provide us with screenshots of the real reason for the account suspension by the Amazon Performance Team.

It remains for us to write the appeal with what Amazon wants to hear and that’s it! There is no faster and more reliable way of getting your account, hard-earned profits and lifestyle back!

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Insanely high success rate – 82.7% and 2000+ reinstated accounts in the last 4 years

95% positive reviews on Trustpilot. Hundreds of success stories from sellers, just like you. In short, we can help!

We work with ex-Amazon employees who analyze your account and the type of suspension in detail. They read between the lines of your communication with Amazon. Finally, they craft a 100% handwritten letter, which strikes the right accord to get your account back asap.

Also, we don’t outsource the service or use templates. The letters are created by hand specifically for your case. The chance of getting your account back (and your livelihood) skyrockets!

reinstatement service high success rate

amazon reinstatement service consultation

Free consultation about the reinstatement service

Before we do anything, you will consult with our account inspection agent via a shared screen on TeamViewer or Anydesk.

Our team will review the penalty letter, account status, and correspondence between you and the Amazon Performance Team to create a bulletproof action plan.

Bonus! Our agent will show you insider services and ways to earn from Amazon, available only to our customers. You will be delighted by the guidance and advice of our people at!

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All this is backed up by tight communication and a money-back guarantee

Here are more benefits of our Amazon account reinstatement service…

How to reinstate your Amazon account in 3 steps?


Fill in the consultation form (please include all engagement between you and Amazons suspension team). We are going to analysis the situation.


After cleared payment you will receive your appeal, plan of action, supported documents and instructions how to submit it. Waiting for a response.


Congratulations! Your account has been successfully reinstated. Just be more careful the next time. Also, don’t forget to leave us a review at Trustpilot!

Important: After the consultation, you will receive an answer on whether we will take the case or not.

Choose a package and let us reinstate your Amazon account now!

Don’t forget that you are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee if you choose the “1 day service + Guarantee” plan!

1 Day Service
Professionally written appeal letter and Follow Ups
All type of suspensions
All tools needed to reinstate your account
Priority email and chat support
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3 day service
Professionally written appeal letter and Follow Ups
All type of suspensions
All tools needed to reinstate your account
Еmail and chat support
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What others are saying about our Amazon account reinstatement service?

Jan 8, 2024

Would highly recommend this company. Reinstated and got money back

I’m immensely grateful to the AESmart team. Despite years of successful selling on Amazon, my account faced suspension due to trademark infringement, putting a significant amount of funds at risk. They stepped in and provided their Reinstatement Service. Thanks to them, my account was swiftly reinstated. They submitted my appeal well ahead of the 24-hour deadline, and within days, my account was active again. I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone facing similar challenges.

Feb 15, 2024

AESmart exceeded all expectations.

Their prompt response to my inquiry and consistent follow-up at every stage of the process were truly commendable. Their honesty and reliability were a breath of fresh air in today’s business landscape, especially when dealing with someone remotely. Not only did they provide exceptional service, but they also dedicated considerable time to my case without expecting any payment. I wholeheartedly recommend AESmart to anyone in need of their services.

March 26, 2024

You can trust them

AESmart consistently delivered professional appeals, addressing over seven instances I needed assistance within just three months. Despite occasional delays in email responses, their commitment shone through with weekend availability. Their patience and dedication paid off, making them a reliable partner in my account reinstatement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your question is missing? Contact us to get all your questions answered. Expect a response within 24 hours on a business day (Monday – Friday).

How can I be sure that you will reinstate my account?

We have been doing this for 4 years now and we have become very good at our job.

In the team, we have former employees of the Amazon Seller Performance Team who review the appeals you write. Believe me, there is no one better to write you an appeal letter to get your account back.

Important: Please contact us for a free consultation before ordering a package! We will take the case only if we are sure that we can help you.

My account/ASIN was recently suspended. Should I try to fix things myself or order your appeal service?

It is best to leave things to AmzExpertAssistance.

Here’s why…

Winning an appeal requires experience, strategy and maneuvering. If you have allowed punishment, then you seem to be lacking them and you should seek help. Also, if you fail with your appeal, the Appeal button will probably disappear and your communication with Amazon take longer.

Significantly longer.

Then even if you call us, things get a lot harder and more tedious to solve.

Can you advise me on how not to get banned again?


We offer advice (starting from $ 300/hour) on how to avoid suspension and sell more easily than ever. Of course, you can ask the agent other things as well – how to sell more, how and where to buy a developed account, how to find products, etc.

You receive a recording of the consultation in HD quality to watch whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Why choose your Amazon appeal service?

Here’s why:

  • 95% ​​positive review rate on Trustpilot;
  • Over 2000 successfully restored accounts and ASINs;
  • Handwritten appeal letters from former Amazon employees. Without any templates that would bury your account. Permanently.
  • Detailed research to solve the case as quickly as possible;
  • Full assistance in collecting documents that you must submit to Amazon;
How long does it take for Amazon to respond to my appeal?

It depends.

In the initial stage, usually up to 2-3 working days. Sometimes the response takes 3-7 working days. It really depends on the case. If you have previously filed an appeal, the subsequent response (usually when we have already taken the case) becomes significantly slower.

That’s why it’s important to call us asap in case of suspension.

Which markets does the reinstatement service cover?

The service covers all Amazon marketplaces – USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, India and China. For more questions, please contact us via the consultation form or live chat.

What documents do I need to give you to resolve the case?

Our agent will let you know by email what you need to provide us for your case, but most often we need:

  • Copy of the Amazon suspension email;
  • A copy of your appeal (if you have filed one);
  • Correspondence between you and the Seller Performance Team;
  • Warnings of policy violations;
  • Complaints;
  • Proof of permission to sell your products;

And anything else that can help solve your case successfully.

Why should I pay you instead of using a ready-made appeal template?

You can use a ready-made template, but you can also kiss your account goodbye.

Amazon immediately catches the template and that only makes things worse. Our team of former Amazon employees analyzes your account, the warnings you’ve received, and the type of penalty, and we manually write a 100% unique letter, specifically for your needs, that works!

How can I be sure that you will not steal my account or other sensitive data?

Easy – we do not want access to your account.

We only need your communication with the Amazon Performance Team, violations, etc. Again, we don’t need access to your account to restore it.

Can I pay you after you restore my account?

We understand you 100%, but you can’t pay us after.

We put in time and effort – reviewing your communication with Amazon, analyzing the account, penalties, handwriting a 100% unique letter and more. Also, we might need to write an appeal 5-6 times – it might not work from the first time.

Add also that according to the case, an appeal can take months and you will understand why you cannot pay us afterward.

Thanks for your understanding.

Important: Before placing an order, you can talk to our agent to see if we can reinstate your Amazon account.

Is it guaranteed that my account/ASIN will be reinstated?

That’s impossible.

Before we start working on your case, we will study the chances of success. If the situation is unsavable, we will tell you. If the chance is high – we will get to work.

In both cases, our agent will share with you the real picture to help you decide how to proceed.

Oh, and by the way, if your an agency “guarantees” 100% success, you should know that they are messing with you.

After how much time can I expect the case to be finalized if I order your appeal service?

We close some cases in a week. Some last for months.

It depends on:

  • Have any appeals been submitted already? If yes – what were they?
  • What were the responses of the Amazon Performance Team?
  • Is the “Appeal” button available or not?
  • Is this the first violation?
  • What is the type of suspension?
  • Do you have the necessary (and correct) documents – invoices, permits, etc.?

Keep in mind that Amazon takes 1 to 5 days to respond to an appeal, and sometimes we have to submit 5 or 6 one after the other. It is best to consult an agent for an indicative period.

Will you keep me informed of how the case is developing?

Of course.

Our agent will regularly report to you (by e-mail/chat/phone) how the case is developing.

If necessary – he will ask for information or permission. Keep in mind that we will not do anything that could have consequences for your business without your explicit permission.

If a detail or strategy emerges that can resolve the case more quickly, we will notify you immediately.

What type of suspensions can you take care of if I order an appeal service? Account suspensions? ASINS?

Both, actually.

We successfully handle the following account suspensions:

  • Performance Notifications/Policy Warnings;
  • Trademark infringement;
  • Intellectual Property Complaints;
  • Multiple Seller Accounts or Related Accounts;
  • Copyright Infringement;
  • Inauthentic Complaints;
  • Negative Feedback;
  • Selling prohibited Items;

ASIN violations:

  • Used Item Sold As New;
  • Late Shipping Rate;
  • Order Defect Rate;
  • Amazon Catalog Restrictions;
  • Not as Advertised;
  • Product Safety;
  • Listing Errors;
  • Item not as described;

It is best to contact us via the consultation form before ordering a plan so that we have the chance to get acquainted with your case.

If I order Amazon Appeal services, will you write the letter for me?

Of course. This is the idea.

Once you order a package from the table above (anchor to the table), our team of ex-Amazon employees will write a letter and create an action plan specifically for your needs.

With each response from Amazon, we will improve the appeal until we restore your business. You will be impressed by the quality and success rate of the appeals!

OK, I'm ready to move forward with your Appeal service. What do I do now?

Good decision.

First, arrange a free consultation with our agent from the “Free consultation” link now. After discussing the details of the case, you will receive an answer within 48 hours on whether or not we will take your case.

If we will be working together, our agent will tell you what documents to prepare and/or send to us.

Important: We do not require access to your account and we will not share the documents you send us with a third party.

Attempts to appeal failed brutally and now my account is beyond redemption. Can I buy a new one and start over?

You have come to the right place.

We sell fully verified and ready-to-sell Amazon accounts for every marketplace. Inspect the account via TeamViewer/Anydesk before doing anything. 30-day support after ordering.

See the available accounts on our Telegram group here