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Internal Amazon Seller Account Notes. CPC Reports. Emails for customers who have left you negative reviews and many more. Our services also include supplier invoices (from US companies approved by Amazon), brand name change, remapping, lighting deals, and others. Browse the services below and get unfair advantage over the competition now!

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Complaint Removal


We specialize in resolving various types of complaints that you may encounter, including Intellectual Property Rights Complaints, Trademark Complaints, Product Authenticity Customer Complaints, Product Condition Customer Complaints, Food and product safety Issues, Listing Policy Violations, Restricted Product Policy Violations, and Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations.

Why might you need that service?

  • Your account will not be suspended.
  • You will improve your Account Health Rate.
  • Ensure compliance with Amazon policies.

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  • Price: $295 per complaint
  • Delivery: 3-5 business days

Seller Feedback


Buyers rate their buying experience by leaving customer feedback in regards to the relevant seller. Sellers are then given a score based on that feedback. Buyers may judge sellers based on that feedback score and use that score to determine whether or not they will purchase from them.

Why might you need that service?

  • Win the Buy Box more often.
  • Improve your Order Defect Rate.
  • Attracts customers buy from you.

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  • Price: $25
  • Delivery: 7-15 business days
  • Minimum Quantity: 10

Supplier Invoice


Contains an invoice for an ASIN (a wholesale order from American company, approved by Amazon and available on the official website). For example, if there is a product authenticity complaints and Amazon is asking for an invoice, where have you purchased this product, to make sure the product is legit, we can provide such an invoice that is working.

Why might you need that service?

  • If your listing has been suspended for authenticity, you will be able to continue selling the product
  • If your account or listing has been suspended for suspected intellectual property, you will be able to reinstate it.
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  • Price: By request
  • Delivery: 3 business days
  • Success rate: 89.5%



Sometimes the listings are getting deleted by Amazon or automatically by bots so we need to change or transfer the stock from one listing to another. If you need to transfer the stock from one SKU to another SKU within the same account you definitely need that service.

Why might you need that service?

  • It’s faster than you’re making removal orders from Amazon warehouse to your warehouse somewhere.
  • No need to repack the stock and send it once again to Amazon FBA warehouse.
  • The remap is going to take 3-5 days instead of 2 months doing it yourself.
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  • Price: $395
  • Delivery: 3 business days
  • Success rate: 100%

Lighting Deal


Lightning Deal is a promotional marketing strategy to promote your listings to more customers, to buy from you and improve you listing ranking.

Why might you need that service?

  • Your listing will be available on Today’s Deals or Prime Day page.
  • Improve ranking
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  • Price: $445
  • Delivery: 5 business days
  • Success rate: 100%

Change Brand Name


When we creating a listing we need to upload well build images, video, bullet points, description and brand name. Sometimes we need to change the brand name. For example – from unbranded to a particular brand name. Once you got an own brand, by our help, you will be able to change the brand name to the brand name after trade marks.

Why might you need that service

  • Show Amazon that have rights.
  • Kick off the hijackers from the listing.
  • If you want a product to be under a trade marks.
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  • Price: $445
  • Delivery: 3 business days
  • Success rate: 100%

Hijacker Removal (FBM and FBA)


We will remove Hijackers from your Amazon product listing (FBA or FBM). We are dealing with Amazon Hijackers for more than 5 years and we have a lot of experience.

Just contact us, place your order and see the result. We provide the service for all Marketplaces. 100% safety to your Amazon Seller Account.


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  • Price: From $345
  • Delivery: 1-3 business days

Email Report


Contains the email and the name of the customer who left you a negative review on Amazon. The service preserves the positive rating of the product and increases sales on Amazon.

Why might you need that service?

  • To grow your customer email newsletter.
  • To contact the customer who left a negative feedback.
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  • Price: $29 per mail
  • Delivery: 5 business days
  • Success rate: 100%

CPC Report


With the CPC Report, you can make data-driven decisions for your business, optimize your advertising strategies, and stay ahead of the competition. By carefully analyzing the information provided, you gain invaluable insights that help you identify potential areas for growth and improvement.

Why might you need that service?

  • Ensuring that your business remains competitive and successful.
  • Stay on top of the rapidly evolving market by understanding the sales trends and advertising tactics of your competitors.
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  • Price: $445
  • Delivery: 5 business days
  • Success rate: 100%

Service is missing?

We are always aiming to make our portfolio of services bigger and help Amazon sellers. If you’re looking for something particular that is not in the list above, contact an agent to see if we can help.

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What others are saying about our PRO Amazon services?

Dec 3, 2023

Choosing AESmart for resolving complaints related to my Amazon business has been a game-changer.

Their specialized service covers a wide range of issues, from Intellectual Property Rights to Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations.

Recently, I faced a challenging situation with a Trademark Complaint that could have led to the suspension of my account. Thanks to AESmart’s expertise, my account remained intact, and I could focus on growing my business without interruptions.

What sets AESmart apart is their comprehensive approach to resolving complaints. They not only address the immediate issue but also provide valuable insights to ensure compliance with Amazon policies in the future.

Using AESmart’s service has not only safeguarded my account but also improved its overall health rate. I can confidently recommend AESmart to any Amazon seller looking to navigate the complexities of marketplace policies with ease and peace of mind.”

Jan 06, 2024

Using the Supplier Invoice provided by AESmart has been an absolute lifesaver for my Amazon business.

Recently, I encountered a situation where my listing was suspended due to authenticity concerns. Amazon requested proof of purchase for the product, and thanks to AESmart’s service, I was able to provide a legitimate invoice from an American company.

This invoice not only helped me reinstate my listing promptly but also ensured that I could continue selling the product without any interruptions. Without this service, I would have been left scrambling to find a solution, risking further suspension or loss of sales.

Whether it’s authenticity concerns or intellectual property issues, having access to a reliable invoice service is essential for any Amazon seller. I highly recommend AESmart’s service to anyone facing similar challenges.

Feb 13, 2024

AESmart’s stock transfer service offers a hassle-free solution for managing inventory changes on Amazon.

Recently, I encountered a situation where I needed to transfer stock from one SKU to another within the same account. Without AESmart’s service, this process would have been time-consuming and cumbersome.

What impressed me most about their service is the speed and efficiency with which they handle stock transfers. Instead of waiting weeks or even months to resolve the issue myself, they completed the remap within 4 days, saving me valuable time and resources.

Moreover, utilizing AESmart’s service eliminates the need for repacking and reshipping stock to Amazon FBA warehouses, streamlining the entire process and minimizing disruptions to my business operations.

I highly recommend it to any seller looking to save time, reduce complexity, and maintain a seamless flow of operations on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a risk that my account will be blocked if I use insider services?

No. Insider services are completely safe to use and no one can make a connection between them and your account. Relax.

How can I be sure that the services are reliable?

All screenshots and information come from an Amazon employee, so you can be sure of the information. You can also check the Trustpilot reviews for insider services. Over 95% of customers are more than satisfied.

Can I order a service that is not on the list?

We are always open to new ideas. Arrange a free consultation and talk to an agent about the service you want now.

How can I contact you?

Questions? Reach us through the contact form, via Telegram, or call us directly on +1 (307) 201-9332. We answer asap on weekdays. Thank you!