The 10 best Amazon FBA Courses [2024 Edition]


So you are looking for the best Amazon FBA courses to avoid those costly and painful mistakes of those starting out?

For the past years, our team has worked with thousands of small and large Amazon sellers of every type – beginners, intermediate, advanced and millionaires.

In short, we recognize the good Amazon FBA course.

In this article we have collected the best FBA, Prime Label, Wholesale courses. The training courses on this list are time-tested, include coaching, bonuses (software, services, etc), with top notch content that gets frequent updates.

For each course I list the advantages, disadvantages and my honest opinion. So don’t expect only glowing reviews, ok?

Ok, let’s get started…

Table of Contents

Helium10’s Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA Course


Learn more:

Our favorite (and arguably the best on the market) research tool offers this course completely free with any paid plan – Starter, Platinum or Diamond. In short, you can get one of the highest rated Amazon pieces of education for as low as 29 bucks a month (“Starter” plan)!

A steal and a half!

The man behind the course is Kevin King – one of the leading Amazon sellers. According to Helium10, the students in this course have generated a total of $370 million in Amazon sales.

Important: Helium10 gives 2 more courses when you order a plan – AmazonPPC Academy and Exit Ticket. Learn more here –


Who is it for?

The course is primarily for those new to FBA and Private label.

Trainings include product and competition research, sourcing, shipping, advertising etc. making it useful for beginners or advanced sellers with any business model – dropshipping, arbitrage, wholesale, private label etc.



  • Excellent value at an affordable price. Freedom Ticket is voted best Amazon FBA training course by Seller Poll for a reason. The content is top notch. Actionable. Effective. Well structured. Even Amazon pros will find some golden nuggets within it.
  • Useful tools combined with a top course. You need Helium10 (or a similar tool) to get a foothold on Amazon anyway. This top rated Amazon FBA course just comes as the perfect bonus.
  • Updated regularly. I notice that new content is added frequently, which is critical for me.



  • Too general? Some students report that the course is too general and lacks depth. Well if you are a beginner, you need just that. If you are seasoned seller, maybe you should look for something else.
  • No community support or coaching. Yeah, there is a private Facebook group, but it’s not specifically for those who bought the course, but all Helium10 customers. Again, if you are looking for coaching and more personal attention either join the paid training ProjectX ( (again on Helium10) or look for an alternative.
  • No lifetime access. You have access to the material as long as you are subscribed to Helium10. For a lifetime access (or coaching), look for an alternative.


Course structure

Freedom Ticket includes 150+ modules:

  • Basics of Amazon Selling;
  • Profitability Study;
  • Finding Products to Sell and Competition Research;
  • Product sourcing (how and where);
  • Shipping;
  • How to make sales;
  • Create a killer listing that makes you money;
  • Launching a Product;
  • How to use Amazon Ads for quick sales;


JungleScout Academy

junglescout academy

Learn more:

The course was created by Greg Mercer (the CEO of JungleScout) – an 8-figure Amazon seller and winner of Best Amazon Expert by Seller Awards!

To get access to the 130 videos, you must purchase a JungleScout plan, the lowest of which is $49/month ($29 if you pay for a full year).

No matter how you look at it, JungleScout’s tools bundled with course for 49 bucks is a no brainer.

As with Helium, the course is a bonus to advanced Amazon tools such as keyword research, browser extensions, sales estimates, product research, supplier database, listing builder, and many others. See what you get with every plan here –


Who is it for?

The course is primarily for beginners in FBA and Private label, but is also suitable for intermediate and advanced learners looking to sharpen their Amazon skills.



JungleScout Academy and Freedom Ticket are identical and share the same advantages – excellent value for money, top-rated course as a bonus to the tools, regular updates etc. Something that Freedom Ticket lacks however is…

  • JungleScout Academy offers Q&A sessions, live online training and support forums. Invaluable for beginners! Even if something is overlooked in the course, you can always ask the course creator or a more experienced merchant.



JungleScout Academy and Freedom Ticket also share the same disadvanteges. You lose access to the training if you stop paying for the plans. Some students also find this course too general.

  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee Only. One of the shortest periods on the list. If within 7 days you can’t decide if the tools are for you, you’ll just have to suck up the losses.


Course structure

JungleScout Academy includes 130+ videos teaching you how to:

  • Conduct product (and competition) research;
  • Optimizing your listings;
  • Product launching;
  • Advertising;
  • And how to use JungleScout of course;


Amazing Selling Machine


Learn more:

The gold standard in Amazon courses.

The course promises the 6 figures by leveraging proven step-by-step system made by ecom experts with over $200 million in sales. Created by Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback, Mike McClary and Devin Dorosh the course prides itself with in depth information, support, mentoring and proven results.

According to the Amazing Selling Machine’s website… “Collectively, our members have sold over $9 billion on Amazon.”

How can you say “no” to that?

Note: On Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. the rate is reduced by up to 40-50%! Learn more here –


Who is it for?

The course targets newbie and intermediate sellers who want to create their own Private label brand on Amazon. With its higher price and extras (bonuses, 1:1 coaching, phone and community support), the course is for paying customers looking for a premium experience.



  • 1:1 coaching, phone and community support. The course’s main selling point is the included live 1:1 coaching (from successful marketers), support from your success manager, private Facebook community, private slack channel and even a customer hotline. You’ll be hard pressed to find another course with so much support included!
  • “Amazing” offers an affordable version of the Amazing Selling Machine – the Amazing Academy All-in-One-Program. Basically, the same course but without the coaching and support. If you’re looking for a course with support and coaching included, maybe you should skip this offer.
  • Access to exclusive AMS software tools. As a bonus, you are granted access to Zoof Ultimate Seller Software, Amazing Academy Tool Suite and other money-making tools.



  • $4,997 – quite an investment. As I said earlier, the course is for those looking for premium training. If you’re on a budget, consider Amazing Academy All-in-One-Program (the lite version of the course) or an alternative.
  • Cringey and sleazy marketing. Often repeated words like “escape the rat race”, “financial freedom”, “family”, “quit the 9-5 job” etc. I get that you have to hit the emotional trigger points to make a sale but c’mon.. Also, for a course priced at 4997$, I suspiciously see it frequently reduced by 40% to 2997$. Certainly not a scam, but as a marketer myself this raises some red flags.


Course Structure

The Amazing Selling Machine includes 120 video lessons (20+ hours) spread across 12 modules:

  • The principle of success – winner mindset, how to overcome challanges, plan how to scale sales from $1000/day to $10,000/day*.
  • How to find profitable products with low competition, low startup costs and low quantity orders;
  • How to find trustworthy suppliers;
  • LLCs, taxes etc. – the boring but important part for any amazon seller;
  • Branding and optimizing your listing for conversions;
  • Advertising – proven PPC strategies for your first sales, analyzing ads to make the right decisions;
  • Working with time, money and nerve saving tools;

Note: Honestly, I love courses that teach the winner mindset. You can’t succeed at anything without the right mental setup. Believe it or not, the only thing separating you from your dream lifestyle is what’s going on in your head.


The Wholesale Formula


Learn more:

The Wholesale Formula is considered the gold standard for wholesalers on Amazon.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost (the creators of the course) boast $20 million in sales a year. According to their site, now they are teaching you the same formula that has brought them so much success. Graduates of the course boast over $1.5 million in sales, so their formula is clearly working.


Who is it for?

The course is designed for beginners or intermediate sellers who want to buy wholesale and then sell products from popular brands on Amazon. Keep in mind that the wholesale model requiers a higher initial investment than dropshipping or arbitrage.



  • The most complete wholesale course available. 90+ in depth videos and dozens of webinar recordings. Coaching and Q&A sessions. Access to recordings of past (and all future) coaching sessions.
  • Outsourcing strategies. The section in the course on process outsourcing with VAs (virtual assistants) is extremely helpful. Trust me, you can’t grow your business alone.
  • How to get a wholesale account and start purchasing profitable inventory. Ordering the products is easy, opening a wholesale account is the tricky part. Most vendors refuse to work with Amazon sellers, but in the course you’ll find strategies to get around that obstacle and take advantage of those juicy profit margins!
  • Access to coaching and support community. Like other Amazon courses, after purchasing you are granted access to private Facebook groups, 3 months of Wholesale Momentum coaching, lifetime updates and much more.



  • The enrollment is only open 2 weeks during the year. On one hand it’s good – if you’re in a smaller group and you get more attention and results. On the other, even if you have the money and the desire, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be trained. If you can’t get into training while it’s open, consider Accelerate Wholesale.
  • 30-day refund policy, but only for one-time payments. Frankly, I don’t like policies like that. Examine the course carefully before enrollment.


Course structure

The Wholesale Formula includes 5 core modules:

  • Module 1: Getting Started With The Wholesale Formula – an explanation of what the whole “formula” behind the course is.
  • Module 2: Product Analysis
  • Module 3: Scouting
  • Module 4: Value Proposition
  • Module 5: Sourcing

The module names speak for themselves, so there’s no point in explaining.


Accelerate Wholesale Model

Accelerate Wholesale Model

Learn more:

The first thing that struck me is the ballsy money-back guarantee…

“If you don’t double the value of your course investment in 12 months (either through sales and/or savings), we’ll give you DOUBLE your investment back. Terms & Conditions Apply.”

Developed by Robert Rickey, Stephen Somers and with the assistance of Mike Sieben from Elite Wholesale, the course teaches you how to use the wholesale model to make money on Amazon.


Who is it for?

The course is aimed at beginners and intermediate users who want to sell successfully with the wholesale model. With a quality content, the proven expertise of the speakers and an affordable price, the course is a quality alternative to The Wholesale Formula.



  • Badass money-back guarantee. Accelerate Wholesale Method offers double your money back guarantee – If you don’t double the value of your course investment in 12 months, they’ll give you DOUBLE your investment back! The course is subject to certain conditions – you must attend at least 75% of the live sessions, watch 100% of trainings etc.
  • Quite a lot of support. Lifetime access to a community support (Accelerate Mastermind Community ) where you ask questions to people more experienced than you. The course includes 1:1 coaching, mastermind groups, meet-ups, consultations with a lawyer etc.
  • Packed with bonuses. Scripts for vendor negotiations, phone sales scripts, business process automation templates, SOP templates, attorney consultation, PPC workshop, product sourcing training, meet-ups etc.
  • The course is made more affordable by splitting it into plans. This way I pay for the things I want. If I’m looking for just video training, I’ll invest in The “Turbo” ($495) which includes the “Accelerate” System course itself (90+ videos) and lifetime access to community support. For 1:1 coaching, more support and mastermind grоups, i’ll go with the “Dynamo” (995$) or “Nitro” (1,995$) plans.



  • The coaching is included in the more expensive plans (Dynamo and Nitro). A big downside if you’re a beginner in need of assistance. However, coaching comes with a higher price tag, so it’s understandable.
  • Pushy sales tactics and student complaints. Complaints about those not so satisfied with the course being blocked on forums or Facebook. Complaints that marketing is too pushy and sometimes “questionable”.


Course structure

Accelerate Wholesale Model contains 90+ video lessons:

  • Winning wholesale strategies;
  • How to source products;
  • How to contact and negotiate with wholesalers;
  • Shipping strategies;
  • Creating high converting listing etc.


Proven Amazon course


Learn more:

According to their website, the course is “Rated As The #1 Amazon Seller Training In The World As Of November 2023”.

Developed by Jim Cockrum, the course teaches how to make it on Amazon with different business models – private label, dropshipping, arbitrage, wholesale etc. No need to invest in new training if you decide to change the model later.


Who is it for?

The course is suitable for sellers at any level. It contains tailored made modules for both beginners (the basic stuff – account creation, listing etc.) as well as intermediate and advanced sellers (more advanced stuff – PPC mastery, product sourcing strategies).


Course structure

After payment you get access to a library of 40+ courses, each explaining a different strategy. Here are some of the courses:

  • Amazon Selling 101 (5 modules);
  • Amazon Seller Central Basics (2 modules);
  • Proven online sourcing strategies (11 modules);
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing;
  • Proven Online Arbitrage;
  • Proven Private Label, etc.



  • Affordable. With a monthly price of 39$ (or a one-time 999$ for lifetime access), and so much valuable content crammed in, joining is a no brainer.
  • Covers a wide range of topics and business models. Yes, the FBA course teaches the basic business models – Private label, wholesale, dropship and arbitrage. But also, how to make money with strategies like Buy Local, Sell on Amazon, Replenishables (Replens), Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct publishing, product bundling, brand building, sourcing from China, outsourcing and even accounting.
  • Access to a private Facebook group. As with the other FBA courses, you can ask questions to successful and experienced sellers in the group to solve your case quickly and efficiently.
  • Lots of and frequently updated content. I like that the videos are about 10 minutes and easy to digest. The course gets frequent updates to ensure you’re equipped with what’s working the best at present.



  • The coaching is paid for separately… which you can get here – PAC also doesn’t offer a personal manager or anything. I think that’s normal for a price of $39/month.
  • The courses could be structured better. Definitely not a mess, but could be arranged in a more logical and easy to follow way. Beginners can find the course a bit overwhelming.


The Last Amazon Course

The Last Amazon Course

Learn more:

So you are telling me that i can learn how to launch a successful private label business on Amazon with a course for 10 bucks?

Sure. Everything is possible nowadays (especially on the internet).

Developed by Brock Johnson, the course teaches beginners how to sell private label on Amazon. Brock started with $100, and to date boasts over $8,000,000 in Amazon sales.

According to him, he has been selling online since 2014 and has consulted for 7 and 8 figure brands.


Who is it for?

I noticed that the course gets a lot of flack that the information in it wasn’t like the one in the $4-5,000 courses.


First, you get what you pay for – the course is often on promotion on Udemy for as little as 10€! Second, the low price is perfect for beginners who need a general idea of Private label, Amazon and FBA without investing too much before figuring out if they want to do this or not.

If you are one of them, the course is for you.


Course Structure

The Last Amazon Course includes 359 video lessons (boy that’s a lot of content if you think about it):

  • Product research, sourcing and negotiating with suppliers;
  • Creating high converting listing – keyword research, copy, photography etc.
  • Advertising – PPC campaigns, Brand building, business fundamentals etc.
  • How to protect your account from suspensions;



  • Affordable. Usually for 79.99€, you will often find the course reduced to 9.99€. If you’re a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals of how to sell on Amazon with a private label, the course is a no brainer.
  • The course teaches you the business fundamentals for long-term success. Cashflow Management. Winning mindset. Taxes and Accounting. Forming an LLC. Building a brand. Outsourcing. Trademarks, copyright etc. And even asset protection! If you’re a beginner, you should definitely be familiar with this stuff.
  • Well received by students – 4.4/5 rating, 7k+ reviews and over 36,000 sales. Clearly beginners are getting value.



  • The information lacks depth. Despite what the course name says, this won’t be the last Amazon FBA course you need 😉 Yeah, it might give you a basic understanding of how Amazon, FBA and Private label works, but you’ll definitely need to study further.
  • No support, coaching or anything like that... which is perfectly OK for a course of this price. If you insist on support, 1:1 coaching or at least Q&A, invest in a premium course.
  • Complaints about too much fluff, poor presentation and not updating information often enough. Although it is personal preference, the complaints that the presenter repeats the same thing…well, repeat themselves quite often. Some find the course boring. The biggest problem for me are the complaints about rare course updates.


Free Amazon FBA courses

For a basic understanding of how to sell on Amazon, how FBA works, what is Private label, wholesale etc. start here.

When you decide the hustle is worth it, invest in a paid course (or coaching) for better and faster results.


How to Sell on Amazon – Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners (Damir Šerbečić)

How to Sell on Amazon - Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners

Learn more:

If you are just starting with Amazon FBA the course is an absolute must! Created by Damir Šerbečić, the free training covers the basics – how to register seller account, product sourcing, selling strategies, terminology, account reinstatement and more.

Also you have the opportunity to ask Damir whatever you want in discussion groups.


Amazon FBA course for beginners step-by-step tutorial 2023 (Debt To Dollars)

Learn more:

A completely free and comprehensive course from the Youtube channel Debt To Dollars. This 7 hour bad boy will teach you about the best FBA business models, product research, finding suppliers, private label, photography, PPC ads, product launching and many more.

Still wondering how this thing is free?


How to sell on Amazon FBA and make money (Dan Vas)

Learn more:

Note: Although the video was published in March 2021, the information in it is updated regularly.

Created by Dan Vas, this 5 hour video is your free guide how to get started with Amazon FBA – what is it, how to make money with it and the best strategies.

You’ll also learn fundamentals like creating a converting listing, product/niche research, finding a supplier from China, the US or Europe, trademarks, pricing and much more.


Are Amazon courses worth it?

Imagine the following…

There’s a war coming and you’re going to the front soon. What would you rather do – go through military training (and increase your chance of survival) or would you rather “figure it out yourself” on the battlefield?

Not quite the same as Amazon, but you get my idea…

  • The quality course will lay the groundwork on how to sell successfully step by step. Without going around in circles or burning your hard-earned money (or time) in easily avoided mistakes. Plus, everything is in one place. You won’t be piecing together a piece of the puzzle from a YouTube video, another from TikTok, and a third from Amazon seller forums. Everything you need is in one place.
  • Access to coaching and community support. See I’ve been selling online for a long time and I guarantee you there will be times when you’ll have a unique problem/situation which are just not addressed in the course. Then you either have to figure it out on your own (hard and expensive) or ask someone more experienced for help (easier, cheaper and faster).
  • The biggest advantage, however, lies in the experience gained upfront. The quickest and most painless way to get ahead in life is to learn from others’ failures, mistakes and the experience they have gained from them. Whether we’re talking about love, relationships, sex or selling on Amazon.

Of course there is only one condition for any of this to be valid – the course must be worthwhile.


Should i join a coaching program?

Should join amazon coaching program

If you want someone to take you by the hand and show you how to do things correctly, the coaching is your ultimate winning move.

  • It is in the coach’s best interest that you succeed. Otherwise, he won’t be able to brag about how much money he made you (and attracted new clients). Besides, the more successful you become, the more you’ll pay him (if he works on commission). In short, you are both motivated to achieve the success you secretly dream of.
  • Instant feedback to get you progressing times faster. With a course you have to read what to do, then do it, then follow up on the results. With coaching, the coach shows you what to do and how to do it on the spot. He also shows you where and how you are making mistakes and will save you time and money.

Yes. Coaching can be expensive. But if you have the time and money, go for it.

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