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All accounts qualify – FBA or FBM. Aged or new. Account evaluation in 48 hours. Secure escrow payment up to 72 hours after the transaction. Full confidentiality. Free consultation with one of our agents. Fill out the form below and get an offer for your Amazon account now!

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Sell your Amazon account in 3 steps

Evaluation. Account inspection. Contract signing and secure ESCROW payment. Usually, the deal is complete in less than 5 business days.

Step 1: Fill out the form above

Enter the required account details so we can tailor a suitable offer for both parties. Please, be as specific as possible.

Step 2: Evaluation & inspection

Our agent will inspect the account on a shared screen and present an offer. To ensure the security of both parties, we sign a sales agreement.

Step 3: Secure ESCROW payment

After clearing all details, you receive your money via Wire, ACH, SEPA, Payoneer, Crypto or another payment method. Congratulations! Your account is sold!

Completely secure service – ESCROW payment and personal contact

First, our agent will get in touch with you to establish personal contact and inspect the account. Next, we discuss the price and clear the details of the transfer of ownership.

To ensure the protection of both parties, we sign a sales contract or use ESCROW for payment. That way you are guaranteed to get your money, and We – that we will receive the account.

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We provide a free consultation before we proceed with the sale and transfer of the account

The agent will answer all your questions – contracts, escrow, payment method, etc. And the complete process of selling your Amazon account! Naturally will also explain the process of transferring the account to us for a super smooth ownership transition!

Additionally, our agent will introduce you to our other profitable Amazon services. Not only can you sell the account for a quick cash in, but you also get free know-how on how to profit even more!

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Sell you account to Amazon professionals with 7+ years of experience from the trenches

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The team is battle-hardened in countless hard-to-crack cases and account deals! We work in a clean, transparent and safe way for your account health.

If you are looking for where to sell your Amazon account securely, is the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your question is missing? Contact us to get all your questions answered. Expect a response within 24 hours on a business day (Monday – Friday).

My account has had suspensions/policy violations, can I still sell it?

In most cases, yes.

In the “Performance” section, note the number and type of penalties. Depending on the type/number of suspensions/violations, our team will assess how it will affect the price.

Needless to say, previous penalties reduce the value of the account.

Important: If your account has been penalized or even deactivated, check out our Amazon reinstatement services.

Is it legal to sell my Amazon seller account to you?


Amazon (silently) approves the sale of accounts. During the transfer, all your details – personal/company details, bank accounts, email, phone number, etc. are replaced with the new owner’s details.

How do I find my account URL?

Follow these steps…

  • Step 1: Open Amazon and login into your account.
  • Step 2: Hover over “Account & Lists” in the top right corner (next to “Returns & Orders” and the cart).
  • Step 3: When the drop-down menu opens, click “Account” (under “Your Account section”).
  • Step 4: In the “Ordering and shopping preferences” section, click “Your Amazon” profile.
  • Step 5: You should now see your account profile page. Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar and paste it into the “Link (URL) to the account” field in the “Basic account information” section of the account elevation form above.
What happens to my account after I sell it to you? will sell it to a customer who wants to buy a ready-made Amazon account. Don’t worry. All your data is deleted and replaced with the new owner’s data.

Important: Want to buy an account? Take a look here –

Can i sell you multiple accounts?


Fill in the form above with the information for each account separately and our team will send you an offer.

How long does it take to sell an account?

Most of the time the sale is finalized within 5 business days.

Our team needs 48 hours to review the account. The payment itself also takes 2-3 days. The timeline also depends on the speed of communication with you.

I sent my account for evaluation some time ago but the price was not satisfactory for me. Can I submit my account for evaluation again?

Yes, but only if there is a positive change in revenue, number of orders and account health.

Can I sell my Amazon FBA account?


We are interested in all types of accounts – FBA, FBM, dropshipping, online arbitrage (OA), wholesale, private label. New or old. Verified or not. If you have one for sale, fill out the form above (link: anchor #form) asap.

A note for FBA accounts: please note if you are selling the account along with the goods. And if yes, what type of goods and their amount.

Can I sell my Amazon FBA business with a brand registry?


Just check “Trademarks/Brand Registry, Enrolled in Amazon?” in “Section 5: Assets”.

My account has not passed verification. Can I still sell it?


With us you can sell any account – verified or not, old or new, with or without sales, FBA, FBM, drop shipping, private label, OA etc.

All are welcome.

I have other questions. How do I contact you?

Arrange a free consultation with one of our agents here.

Other ways to reach us:

How much can I get for my account?

Depends on:

  • Annual turnover;
  • Number of orders;
  • Marketplace (US, UK, Europe);
  • Age of the account;
  • Number of reviews and rating;
  • Type and number of suspensions (if any);
  • Account type – FBA, FBM etc.;

Previous suspensions, bad reviews, low sales numbers etc. greatly diminishes your account worth.

How long before I get the money for my account?

Most of the time within 72 hours the money will reach your bank account. Keep in mind that we only send the money after an agreement on the account price.

How long before I get the money for my account?

Bank transfer. Wire. ACH. SEPA. Payoneer. Crypto. Any other method that works for both parties.

Important: To make sure you get your money and we get the account, we may use ESCROW payment.

What happens to my account information after I sell it to you? Do you store my personal information on your servers?

After the account is transferred, all your personal data is replaced with that of the new owner.

Names (personal, business), bank accounts, addresses, etc. Everything. The only thing we keep is the email address to contact you if needed.

Is the information I submit in the form above secure?


Your phone or email is only used to communicate with you. No personal or business data is shared with any 3rd party.